Deadly Force Law Seminar
Saturday, May 20th, 9AM to 1PM, at the Westside Sportsman’s Club

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Our world is becoming an increasingly violent place. Violent felonies have skyrocketed throughout our country. Shootings, stabbings, and home invasions are all becoming commonplace and no one is safe from becoming prey to these miscreants.DeadlyForceLawSeminar
What is surprising is that violence against our Sheepdogs (Law Enforcement Officers) also skyrocketed. Wolves (bad guys) generally don’t like confronting the Sheepdog. Violence on police officers is nothing new, 2016 was the highest in 6 years with a total of 135 officers killed in the line of duty.

If you see a violent action being committed on a police officer what should you as a citizen do? Are you bound by Indiana State law to intervene? What would you do if the violent act on the officer was actually one of your family members? We are seeing a rising trend in recent events where bystanders and every day citizens are assisting officers even saving officers lives by intervening on their behalf.

On May 20th Warrior Dynamics is having their Deadly Force Law Seminar at the West Side Sportsman’s Club the cost is $55.00. Retired Vanderburgh County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Neil Thomas and retired Evansville Police Detective Guy Minnis combine for 65 years of experience in deadly force matters. Neil will cover the Indiana law and Guy will cover the practical application of the law and how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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